Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sizing up fonts

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I love fonts.
But not all fonts work well with vinyl.
Especially, if you are working on a smaller project.
The fonts used in this Family Proclamation quote are pretty ridiculous
if you try to cut the design any smaller than 10" x 10".
It's not always desirable to have a 10" or larger piece in your home decor.
Printing the design has allowed me to create smaller pieces
that I would never dream of cutting in vinyl.
The block above measures approx. 5" tall x 4" wide.
The print itself was a 4" x 4".
I trimmed it a little to allow for the wood border.
I mounted it with foam mounting squares to give it some dimension
and finished it off with a ribbon.
It works perfectly as a shelf sitter without being overbearing.
You may be thinking, "These prints are great, but how much are you charging for them???"
My goal for the week has been to create a more condensed shopping page
where you can shop for all the available products on one page
and not search the blog for them.
My progress has been a little interrupted as our youngest has been sick all week
and has required extra mommy time.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that I can put it all together in the next couple of days.
Stay tuned for tomorrow when I finally announce the GIVEAWAY!!!
If you are interested in more tips on creating a faux canvas,
Dana posted some helpful hints on our facebook page.


halla said...

We would like some of these. Anyway we can get some and cost??

midnight hysteria said...

i second what *halla* asked, how may we make or purchase the file: *happiness in family life ......* from pinterest

thanks ...
darlene harris
silver lake ward
medical lake, wa

Lacey said...

Thanks for your comments. I offer this design as either a print or vinyl piece ready for application. I do not offer it as a file. For pricing info, please email me at strawberrypearlstudios(at)gmail(dot)com. I keep the prices pretty low for Super Saturdays and bulk orders. I can work with you if you need a custom size.

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