Monday, September 19, 2011

Be your own kind of beautiful...

So, today's post has been swimming around my head for awhile now,
I'm not exactly sure how it's going to unfold, so stick with me...
Growing up I had the above poster on my wall.
"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"
You could read it as saying, "Be your own kind of 'outward' beautiful."
But, I read it as saying, "Be your own kind of 'inward' beautiful."
When I started this little vinyl business I had just had our second baby
and I needed a creative outlet.
At first I saw what others were doing and found some cute projects
that I could make and share with friends.
Gradually, I began to design my own projects and found that those were the most rewarding.
There's nothing like coming up with an original idea and being able to physically create it.
Watching people react to my creations has also been very rewarding.
I still remember a group of ladies coming up to my booth at a craft fair
and realizing that I had made a sign for one of their friends.
They told me how special the sign had been to their friend and that she had even cried over it.
It was a little thing for them to share with me, but it kind of cemented why I put my
blood, sweat, and tears into my designs.
You may be asking what this has to do with inward beauty...
so here's the point I'm trying to make.
It's easy to live a copy and pasted kind of life.
It's easy to sit and read other blogs, find cute things, recreate them
and sell them at the next craft fair or girl's night.
But, if you are not giving credit where credit is due and claiming the ideas as your own
 what does it do for your own inward beauty?
It does nothing and in my experience it hinders personal growth.
We are all talented individuals and if we forget to dig deep
and uncover our unique talents, we'll miss out.
If you find something that inspires you, let it inspire you to create something that is unique to you.
Please don't live a copy and pasted kind of life.
Be your own kind of inward beautiful.


Melissa said...

Have I copied and pasted part of your life and your upset with me?

Lacey said...

Thanks for the laugh Melissa, I don't think you could ever copy and paste someone's life and pass it off as yours. We're all trying to be like you!!!

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