Friday, February 18, 2011

Learning Curve (and GIVEAWAY alert!!!)

So, I am just a wee bit excited to show you this...
My friend, Lydia, has an awesome website all about family reunions.  Awhile ago, she asked me to create some sort of tree that could represent a family tree.  I loved the idea, but when it came down to it, I just wasn't sure how to physically create the image in my design program.  When it comes to layout and design, I have fully embraced the trial and error process and have experienced both the good and the bad. 
Well, sometimes things just click and mental stumbling blocks vanish.  
Lydia found the perfect tree for our little project. 
Only problem, it was a metal piece of wall art...not so much a digital image.
So, I took that piece of metal, traced it on some paper and through trial and error...
I created this vinyl graphic and I am in love!
I love the tree, but what I love more is the process it took to create it. 
If someone had just handed/emailed me a digital tree image, that would have been fine and dandy. 
However, I started this project from scratch and in the process I learned a ton about my design program and hopefully I will be able to build on that to bring you more fun and exciting projects.  Something about teaching a man to fish versus just handing him the fish...

Speaking of fun and exciting projects, next week I am going to highlight some super awesome projects I have created in my spare time.  We're going to stray a tiny bit from vinyl, but no worries, there just might be a GIVEAWAY!!!  HINT:  You might want to make sure you are a follower...

See ya on Monday, Lydia will be joining in on the fun too!

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