Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun Filled Week with Heritage Makers!!!

On Friday, I mentioned that we were going to have
a special week on this here blog
and that you were going to meet one of my favorite people. 
 I think I also mentioned something about a giveaway....
hmmm, you might want to stay tuned for that!!!

Allow me to introduce my friend Lydia...
I think there are some people in life that you are just meant to be around.
Lydia just happens to be one of those people.

Our paths first crossed when I was in ninth grade. 
At the time, I didn't know Lydia too well
but her husband just happened to be my basketball coach.
I wasn't the greatest of basketball players...
I think I enjoyed making fun little cards and trinkets to pump the team up
before each game more than I enjoyed actually playing. 
I was pretty terrified each time I was told to sub in. 
Really???  You want me to go in??? 
This bench is actually kind of comfy...

So, fast-forward a couple million years
(or about fourteen...) to the present day.
I'd run into Lydia and her family every now and then,
usually at the WSU craft fair.
When we moved into my grandparent's home,
I started running into her more. 
She lives down the street and one day she invited me to
a Heritage Makers party and I actually went
Home parties are just not my thing, but I had heard great things
about Heritage Makers and I wanted to know more.

Heritage Makers is an online scrapbooking company 
that allows you to make hardbound storybooks, calendars,
swatch books, playing cards, gifts, posters, cards,
you name it, you could probably create it with Heritage Makers.

I kind of fell in love with all the projects Lydia showed me and get this,
I told her I would host a party...what??? 
Did I really just say that???
The party was a flop but it gave Lydia and I a chance
 to bounce our creative ideas off each other.
Since then we've worked together on many different projects
and now I get to share them with you!!!

I'm going to let Lydia give you the run down on Heritage Makers
and then throughout the week,
we'll share some of our projects and yes,
we'll have a giveaway!!!
(To be entered, you'll need to be a follower of this blog,
so make sure you've made the click!)

Here's Lydia...
How many of us have photos stuck in drawers
and boxes and .jpgs stuck on
our computers and phones??
It's a common problem.
And one that Heritage Makers can help solve!

When I found Heritage Makers,
 I instantly recognized something great and immediately fell in love.
It's an online publishing company
that allows you to create just about anything.
You provide the pictures and they provide the rest.
There are over 50,000 pieces of artwork
so there's no chance of growing bored,
you have complete control over your template
 with the ease of state-of-the-art drag and drop technology,
and there are well over 4,000 templates in the art gallery.
But my favorite part about heritage makers is that
it allows me to strengthen my family
while building hardbound storybooks
and doing fun projects with my valuable photos.

I love sharing my projects with other people.
And it is my privilege and honor to work with Lacey
(who I adore, by the way- how could you not??)
to introduce you to these fun new products and ideas.

Lacey here again...
While this post is growing to great lengths,
I thought I would share my first Heritage Makers project.
When I first started learning about Heritage Makers, I loved how many
of the books and projects were focused on bringing stories
and people of the past to life. 
I've mentioned before that my grandpa passed away earlier this year.
I decided to create a little swatch book that has pictures of my grandparents on one side
and some of my grandma's favorite recipes on the other side.
The book contains 10 pages with photos on the front and
recipes on the back.
My parents gave a copy of the book to my siblings
and to my dad's siblings for Christmas this year.
It's been fun listening to everyone's memories as they look through the pictures and recipes.

The book was easy to make. 
Lydia mentioned that you can choose from
many different templates to create a project. 
I actually decided to start from scratch and
created my own layout and design of the book.

To create a project with Heritage Makers go to MylifeMyheritage.com and set up a free basic account.
If you have questions, please contact Lydia.
She will also be hosting a free online studio demo tomorrow night at 8pm PST.
We will include the link in tomorrow's post.
And, oh yeah, she just might have a free greeting card coupon for you.
(But that's not the giveaway!!! Stay tuned for more on that, we'll be posting every day this week!!!)


Jennie Kunz said...

OH MY GOSH!! I haven't seen those guys in the longest time! Glad to see that he is still sporting the hair cut we gave him all those years ago! HA HA HA!!

Darren and Tessa said...

I'm excited that you are doing this, Ive been looking into since last summer but just havent made the commitment yet!!!

TAG + 1 said...

We're going to be in Moscow March 9th - 22nd & would love to visit with both of you about all this. Now that we have a little one I've got a load of pictures to do something with.

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