Friday, November 19, 2010

New Product: Service Tiles

There has been a big focus in Primary lately on the topic of service. Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten a little upset at my son for doing something, to which he has replied, "I was just trying to serve you, Mom." Ouch. So the other night, while attempting to have Family Home Evening, the lesson was again focused on service. There was a suggestion at the end of the lesson for the kids to draw pictures of what they could do to serve their family. I really liked the idea of the kids doing service and then leaving a little note for the person they served. My kids are still a little young to write notes to each other, so I came up with these service tiles.

When they do something nice like making Mom and Dad's bed, they can leave a tile on our bed to show that they have served us. I let each of my boys pick the color of their tiles so one has red tiles and one has blue tiles. My husband's tiles are green and mine are purple. Once their tiles/random acts of service have been discovered, their tiles go back in the bucket until the next time they find some other way to serve.

I included myself in the service bucket, although as a mom, I don't know that there is a bucket big enough to hold all my service tiles.... Case in point, after about a week of my son trying to serve me and me yelling at him for doing it before realizing what was going on, he decided it was my time to serve him. We were getting ready for bed one night and he needed a blanket/pillow/something to distract from actually having to go to bed. He asked me to go get it for him and I politely told him I was busy with something and that he should get it himself. (Do I sound like a terrible mother yet...) He informed me that I had not done any service for him lately and that I needed to serve him by retrieving his blanket/pillow. You can imagine that as a tired mother who just wanted her child to go to sleep, I didn't appreciate his suggestion. So, I have included myself in the service bucket and intend on placing my tiles around the house as I do those daily acts of service I do everyday to show my family just how much they should appreciate me...oh, how lovely I sound right now.... :)

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