Thursday, June 23, 2011

Business Vinyl Week: Banners

DISCLAIMER: Today's photos are not the greatest.  When I do banners, usually I finish them, put them in a mailing tube and ship them out, never to see them again.  Which means getting a nice shot of them hanging at their event isn't always possible.  Some of the banners can be quite large and taking pictures of them late at night after I finish them isn't always feasible in my house.  So, I ask that you look beyond the quality of the photographs to the concept of what we can create for you and your business.

Banners are a great way to shout your message out to the world.
This banner hung over main street and was approx. 20 feet by 5 feet.
If you plan to hang a banner anywhere in your city be sure to find out
what regulations your banner needs to meet before you place your order.
Banners come in a variety of sizes and colors.
It takes approx. one week to receive a banner blank from our supplier.
We can expedite shipping but that becomes costly!
So, plan ahead and save money.
This banner would not stop flapping in the wind, so ignore the bottom corner. It's just folded over.
Sometimes, banners can be reused.
This Mother's Day Gifts banner was actually done on the back side
of a banner the customer had previously used for another promotion.

I prefer to receive logos in .ai or .eps format because I can change
the size of the logo without it becoming distorted.
The client who requested this banner created their own logo
and was only able to save it as a .jpeg.
Luckily the client was able to email me the names of the fonts she used
and I recreated the logo in the proper format.
This will also benefit them when they create other marketing materials
such as t-shirts and flyers.

Contact us to discuss color and size options for your banner.
Banner Pricing = $5.00/square foot

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