Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Questions & Answers

I've received lots of emails concerning the family proclamation sign, so I thought I would post a few details...

The vinyl is formatted for a 10" x 10" wood plaque. It can be used on a 12" x 12" tile too. The border would just be a bit thicker.

Price Info:
Vinyl Only: $15.00
Vinyl and Unpainted Wood: $20.00
Finished Tile Product: $20.00
Painted Wood with Vinyl attached for finish product: $25.00
Priority Shipping for vinyl only: $5.00/order
Priority Shipping for completed product: $7.50

I offer a price break on orders of 25 vinyl pieces or more at $12.00/vinyl piece for a discount of $3.00/vinyl piece.

(This particular vinyl piece is a bit more than my other vinyl pieces formatted for 12" x 12" tiles, just because it is more intricate for me to work with.)

If you have any questions please email me!!! If you are considering this project for a super saturday, I need two weeks notice of the final number so that I can get everything to you on time!

Thanks again and keep the questions coming!!!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I love this...Can you do any other colors? I might want either a beige background or a golden yellow...let me know! - jocelyn

Dana said...

stinking cute...I kinda want one and I haven't wanted vinyl since I quit selling.

Lacey said...

Jocelyn - I can do other colors. If you want a specific paint color, it might be best to purchase the kit and then you can paint the board exactly how you want it. If you are interested in a different vinyl color, I have lots!!! In the beige category, I have beige, cream(yellowy), light brown, even gold. Don't know how gold would look, but I have it! :)
Dana - come on, you have to miss it just a little... :)

Jennie Kunz said...

Very cute Weezer! I love the square look.

Heather said...

Love it!!

Life with the Lebedas said...

I love your blog and I've give you an award! Head over to my blog and pick it up!


Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

Allred Family said...

I am thinking of doning this for a Super saturday, where can I find the boards if I don't get them from you?

Lacey said...

Allred Family...
I actually do the boards myself, with the help of my hubby sometimes...Depending on how many you want, there may be some way to use a flat rate priority box that wouldn't be outrageous. Email me if you have more questions!!!

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