Monday, April 4, 2011

New Product: Learning Pockets

I thought I would give a little history on the development of today's new product - Learning Pockets.

1. The Name
Many years ago, I took a child development class.  I vaguely remember learning something about how children have these moments or little windows of time where they are especially susceptible to learning new concepts.  I translated that into "learning pockets" and added that to the fact that I wanted to develop a pocket system of educational games for my children.

2. The Pocket System 
This is my first attempt at creating a pocket system.  I used black vinyl material and sewed this little ditty.
I altered the pattern a couple of times, but in the end, it was too time consuming and really did nothing for my patience.  I like to sew, but I do not love to sew and I couldn't see myself mass-producing these.

I let the idea sit for awhile and got back into it when Lydia found this magnetic pocket system at the dollar store.  I loved the idea and figured I could dress up the presentation of it a bit.  The dollar store is a little hit and miss here, so I wasn't sure if I could find the pockets when I need them.  So, I kept thinking...

And that's when I decided to make this version.  It is a double magnetic pocket system.
I liked how it turned out and went about making the cards.

 This Alphabet Set includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.  As they sit side by side in the pockets, my children can find the matching letters to show both at the same time.  It seems that sometimes we focus just on the uppercase and I really wanted to show both styles of the alphabet.
Artwork from Heritage Makers
My son loves to play memory with the cards.  If he uses all 52 cards, it takes him quite awhile to finish one round, but it keeps him from bugging his brother helps him learn his alphabet.  Each set of upper and lowercase letters has a matching picture of an object that starts with the letter.  That way if he is a little unsure of the match, he can check himself by seeing if the pictures match.
He also likes to line the uppercase cards up in order and then match the lowercase letters below them.

We've had fun finding new ways to use the cards and I love having them out for the kids to play with whenever they want.  I have them on my fridge and if the boys want to play, they just come get the cards.
Easy access = more play time = more learning!!!

Available to Purchase
Magnetic Vinyl Pocket System = $5.00
Vinyl Color:   

Deck of Uppercase and Lowercase Cards = $20.00
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Stay tuned for more Learning Pocket fun.
I'll be posting a new pocket idea each day this week.

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Lydia said...

Lacey!! I've been with you on this journey so you already know this but - I love these! BTW, I think your prices are great, too.

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